David Benavidez Vs. Caleb Plant - Preview For Tonight On Showtime PPV

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David Benavidez Vs. Caleb Plant - Preview For Tonight On Showtime PPV || Super Admin

David Benavidez (26-0, 23 KOs) has the advantage in natural dimension, youth & power in his headliner fight tonight versus Caleb Plant (22-1, 12 KOs) on Outset PPV at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas.

There's no enigma about what interim WBC incredibly middleweight champion Benavidez will certainly be performing in each round, as his dealing with design is usually constantly the very same, with him stepping forward, pressing his opponents, and either bludgeoning them with solitary shots or swiftly touchdown rapid machine-like shots.

Benavidez, 26, has actually currently exposed his strategy for this battle versus the 30-year-old previous IBF incredibly middleweight champion Plant.

Known by Mike Tyson's label, Benavidez, ALSO KNOWN AS 'The Mexican Beast,' will be targeting Plant's body since he comprehends that's the most effective way to keep him from running all evening.

Caleb Plant’s last seven opponents

  • Anthony Dirrell – KO 9
  • Canelo Alvarez – TKO 11 loss
  • Caleb Truax – UD 12
  • Vincent Feigenbutz – TKO 10
  • Mike Lee – TKO 3
  • Jose Uzcategui – UD 12
  • Rogelio Medina – UD 12

Plant likes to move around, as well as utilize his powerful jab and left hook to dominate his opponents. He's very challenging to beat in the rounds, and he'll likely build up a wide lead over Benavidez by the sixth.

Where points might start falling apart for Plant is by the 8th round, as the stress from Benavidez will start to reach him. Plant can not move nonstop as he did against Dirrell due to the fact that he strikes more difficultly and he's most likely to be aiming his chance at the midsection to bring him to earth.

Benavidez To Strike Plant's Body

Getting hit to the body while you're relocating hurts for anybody that has actually ever boxed prior. You can not support the body shots too when you're on the move, and it takes your legs away to where you become forced to stop moving.

Plant will certainly require to be able to fight Benavidez from a stationary setting due to the fact that he will not have the ability to relocate as he did versus Anthony Dirrell since he will certainly be striking his body all evening.

So it's likely that Plant will certainly be required to stand and combat Benavidez a great deal earlier than he performed in his contest against Canelo Alvarez in their battle in 2021.

The 26-year-old Benavidez has actually knocked out his last six challengers, and also he might make Plant his 7th consecutive blockage. No one has actually gone the distance versus Benavidez because his battle with Ronald Gavril in 2017.

Benavidez’s last six fights:

  • David Lemieux – TKO 3
  • Kyrone David – TKO 7
  • Ronald Ellis – TKO 11
  • Roamer Alexis Angulo – RTD 10
  • Anthony Dirrell – TKO 9
  • J’Leon Love – TKO 2

Canelo didn't have the arm size or the foot speed to get to Plant's body till the championship rounds.

When Canelo ultimately did start hitting Plant with body shots in the tenth, he wore him down and took him out in the next round, dropping him twice to obtain the deduction in the eleventh.

What Time Is Plant Vs. Benavidez?

Tonight's Plant vs. Benavidez event will start at 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT at the MGM Grand Yard Arena in Las Vegas.

"With the Plant-Benavidez battle, I assume it's going to be a hell of a match, specifically in the very first couple of rounds," said Anthony Dirrell to Fighthype regarding tonight's David Benavidez vs. Caleb Plant battle.

Plant is mosting likely to be almost impossible for Benavidez to hit easily with shots in the very early going, and he can make him look bad with his boxing ability.

What Benavidez has in his support is the fact that he's willing to walk through shots to land his own strikes. He's obtained the chin to take whatever Plant dishes out, so there's long shot that Benavidez will certainly obtain knocked out as we saw with Dirrell last October.

"Plant is going to box. He's a significant boxer," claimed Dirrell. "Everybody seen that and understands that. He's mosting likely to box and utilize his capability to walk around the ring. I believe Benavidez is going to have troubles with him early.

"He's mosting likely to attempt and slow him down by strolling onward as well as doing what Benavidez do. Benavidez is a great competitor additionally. He's [Plant] mosting likely to try and relocate and also stick & relocate. There's absolutely nothing incorrect keeping that," stated Dirrell.

There's little uncertainty that Benavidez will certainly get on top of Plant the whole battle, rapidly cutting off the ring as well as forcing him to trade with him whether he intends to or otherwise.

"If you win the battle, the battle is won, duration, however method you can," claimed Dirrell. "With Benavidez, the later rounds are going to be his rounds all the time. I believe Benavidez do not quit; he's a warrior. They call him 'The Mexican Beast' for a reason.

"I believe he stops him late in the ninth, tenth, or l lth round, yet I could be incorrect. That's simply my viewpoint. This is a good defend the followers. This is the fight the followers wanted to see, but that's what I assume. I assume he [Benavidez] stops him late," said Dirrell.

What Network Is Plant Vs. Benavidez?

Plant vs. Benavidez is on Showtime PPV at 9 pm. ET/6 pm. PT from the MGM Grand Yard Sector in Las Vegas.

"Plant has a trouble with fatigue late in the rounds, but he's still a heck of a competitor. He still enters there as well as gives the followers what they intend to see. He is still going in there to adhere to his game plan, which is to stick & move, and box.

"It's boxing for a factor. You don't act and slug with a slugger. So that's my take on the battle. I believe both individuals are terrific fighters. I assume it's a hell of a battle. Who wins is the fans. They definitely win off this fight.

"I'm just pleased we maintain obtaining battles similar to this that the followers want to see. My take is Benavidez by blockage late. Benavidez is a naturally big child. He boils down in weight. He makes the weight.

"I believe he missed weight one time, but he normally makes weight. I have no worry with it. He's going to be available in larger than he weighed in for certain," claimed Dirrell.

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